Membership Services

The National Air Carrier Association provides its members with a variety of member advocacy and support services, including:

  • Tracking Congressional action and representing members in the legislative process.
  • Liason with federal agencies whose jurisdiction effects aviation policy.
  • Timely distribution of proposed and final laws, rules, bulletins and other policy information.
  • Regulatory research and consulting on issues that may impact our members.
  • Providing a daily summary of multiple government web sites containing all aviation related regulations and news-worthy items -- with each summary containing a hyperlink to the appropriate full text of the item in question.
  • Providing current and accurate updates on developing industry standards.
  • Participation in government and industry rulemaking advisory committees to ensure that our members' concerns are reflected in the policies and regulations promulgated upon our industry and to disseminate current and accurate decision-making information to NACA.
  • NACA is accredited by the U.S. Government as a member of all official U.S. delegations that negotiate bilateral and multilateral aviation arrangements with foreign countries.
  • Participation in partnership with the Office of the Secretary of Defense, U.S. Transportation Command, and the Air Mobility Command, on committees that inform and advise the government on national defense airlift capability, national transportation policy, and government transportation procurement policy.
  • Maintaining a network of aviation industry and government contacts designed to promote an effective working relationship between members, others in the industry, and with governments.