Nov 13, 2012

Ronald Priddy/NACA-CRAF Partnership Inaugural Award Goes to General HT Johnson (USAF-Ret)



November 13, 2012

National Air Carrier Association announced the inaugural award of its Ronald N. Priddy NACA-CRAF Partners in Airlift Medal to General Hansford T. (HT) Johnson (USAF-Ret.).

This award recognizes the contributions of General Johnson to the close relations between U. S non-scheduled airlines and the Department of Defense through the Civil Reserve Air Fleet (CRAF) partnership in peace and war.

General Johnson was commander of both U. S. Transportation Command and Military Airlift Command during Operation Desert Shield (1990-1) and Operation Desert Storm (1991) and initiated the first activation in history of the Civil Reserve Air Fleet. General Johnson directed movement of troops, supplies, and equipment to and from the Persian Gulf.

General Johnson served as Assistant Secretary of the Navy for installations and environments under President George W. Bush in 2003 and, later, as Acting Secretary of the Navy.

NACA’s award is named for Colonel Ronald N. Priddy (USAF-Ret.), who was director of the Civil Air Reserve Fleet under General Johnson during Operation Desert Shield and Operation Desert Storm. Non-scheduled U.S. airlines flew 5,200 missions during those operations. Mr. Priddy subsequently served as President of NACA from 2000-2007 and continues as Special Advisor to NACA’s Board of Directors.

National Air Carrier Association was founded in 1962. Its sixteen members are certificated under 14 CFR Part 121 and provide non-scheduled and scheduled passenger and cargo services to world-wide commercial and government customers.

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